Rural Insurance

Coming to your place since 1983. The regions oldest locally owned Insurance Broking Firm with the expertise to ensure help is there when you need it.

New Zealand farming has always been about the “no8 wire” attitude but with storms, floods and natural disasters on the rise the “she’ll be right attitude” will no longer cut it. Let the team at Wanganui Insurance Brokers take away your insurance headaches and let you get on with what you do best.


Farm Buildings

Ensure that you have cover in place for your farm buildings including implement or tool sheds, pump sheds and fixed machinery. We can also cover things like culverts, bridges and underpasses under this policy.

Farm Vehicles

Protection from accidents, theft, fire as well as be covered for third party liability. We can cover your tractors, vehicles and farm implements.

Farm Contents

Cover for your contents you use for your farming operations. This includes items like fencing equipment, tools, sprays, animal feed and generators. If you have feed we specify this separately on your policy.

Livestock / Farm Dog Cover

You can get cover for your livestock, including cattle, deer, goats, sheep and pigs. This is normally covered for accidental death from fire, electrocution, lightening, etc.

You can also get cover for specified or unspecified dogs that are part of your farming operations. There are different levels of cover for this type of policy, please phone us to discuss further.

Farm Liability

Insures you for your legal liability for accidental loss to the property of others or accidental injury to any other person in connection with your business.

Wanganui Insurance Brokers is dedicated to providing a personalised insurance brokerage service. For more information about our products, call us on 06 349 0091.

Your insurance should suit you, Not you suit your insurance

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