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Face any of your businesses challenges with the confidence that you have a dedicated insurance broker beside you.

With Wanganui Insurance Brokers, you have access to New Zealand’s most competitive insurance products. We don’t just assist clients with placing cover – we are here to be your support at any turn. As the region’s oldest insurance brokering firm, you can trust that we have the expertise to take care of your business needs.

With Wanganui Insurance Brokers, you have access to New Zealand’s most competitive insurance products. Our brokers can help you find solutions customised to your businesses size, industry, requirements and budget.

The dynamic nature of businesses and markets put businesses at risk from many angles. Owners may do their best to minimise risk, but not everything is within one’s control. Our brokers can help you identify the risks your business is exposed to and find insurance cover that suits. 

Commercial Property Insurance

This includes buildings, plant, contents and equipment. Have the means to replace or repair your property in the event of damage or loss from either man-made or natural disaster causes.

Business Interruption Insurance

We can insure your loss of profits if your normal business operation is interrupted by natural disaster, fire, flooding or other events. This can also cover additional costs as a result of the disruptive event.

Vehicle Insurance

Whether it is a single vehicle used for business or a commercial fleet, we can help you secure the correct insurance.

Liability Insurance

There are many different Liability policies and each businesses requirement differs. It includes such products as; Public Liability, Statutory Liability and Employers Liability.

Public Liability covers you for third party accidental property damage that you are held legally liable for.

Statutory Liability covers you for breaches in legislation, for example – to pay your legal costs if a health and safety issue leads to legal proceedings. This insurance also give you cover for issues arising from the Fair Trading Act and Resource Management Act.

Employers Liability covers you for accidents and illnesses to employees that aren’t covered by ACC.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Businesses that give clients professional advice or designs are at risk of claims should problems related to their recommendations occur. A professional indemnity insurance helps you protect your business.

Cyber Security Insurance

As businesses become more technologically dependent, cyber security can no longer be ignored. Be prepared for cyber-attacks, system damage, privacy breaches, loss of service and multimedia liability with cyber security insurance products.

Contract Works Insurance

Cover for contract works to ensure your construction projects whether it be a new build or alteration work, are protected.

Your insurance should suit you, Not you suit your insurance

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