With the busy season fast approaching, we thought it would be helpful to let you know some tips on keeping you and your belongings safe:

  • If you are addicted to online shopping (like a few ladies here in the office), make sure you are arranging for your parcels to be delivered to a place where someone is home to receive them or to a work address.
  • If you are heading away over summer ensure you have locked up the house and sheds, hidden all your valuables and have someone checking on your property often.
  • Secure and have out of sight from the road your quad bikes, trailers and boats which seem to have a very high theft risk at the moment.
  • Drive cautiously, do not rush and have your cell phone in the boot whilst driving.   The majority of accidents nowadays are caused by people distracted on their phones.
  • Make sure if you are purchasing any expensive jewellery, a new vehicle or jet ski etc for your loved one for Christmas that you let us know well before so we can make sure it’s insured over the break. 
  • Lastly, make sure your insurance is up to date so that in the event of an unexpected loss we are able to help.